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Balm of Gilead Global Ministries primary focus and purpose is to be a refuge and beacon for those souls who are downtrodden, lost or have lost their way, have been hurt, abused, or need direction in their life through the message of the gospel and kingdom of God and the power of love.

A ministry of love ministering salvation, healing, and preparing man for Kingdom service. We have ministry for everyone. Get connected now!

We believe in being an emotionally healthy church: “It is absolutely impossible to become spiritually mature while remaining emotionally immature.”


Never worry what others say when you walk away from all the drama. Be grateful you had the strength and courage to stay out of the conflict and be at peace with your choices.

Elle Sommer

The most common form of despair is not being who you are.

Søren Kierkegaard

Maturity is the ability to think, speak and act your feelings within the bounds of dignity. The measure of your maturity is how spiritual you become during the midst of your frustrations.

Samuel Ullman
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10 Ways to Pray More

Most of us struggle with having a consistent prayer life. If you struggle, too, here are some simple options to pray more. Establish a focus for each day’s prayer. For example, you might use today to pray for your family, followed by praying for neighbors tomorrow. Don’t wonder what you’ll pray about each day—plan for it.


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We welcome you and your family to join us in worship and fellowship as we look forward to being encouraged and uplifted by the spirit of God and by each other in a healthy, loving, and non-judgemental atmosphere.